We the People Band of Rights September 17

Letter from Mary Beth Tinker

August 8, 2006

Dear High School and Junior High School Students and Teachers, Law Students and Professors and Friends, Constitution Day is just days away! Thanks to Senator Robert Byrd's leadership, we now have a day in which, under federal law, public and private schools and universities across America will have discussions about American constitutional values. Our rights, our freedoms, our communities-this is the agenda of Constitution Day.

I'm working with the Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project at American University Washington College of Law and Howard Law School to promote real discussion of the state of civil liberties in our schools and communities. We are encouraging students and teachers to wear black armbands-the kind I wore 40 years ago-to symbolize our ongoing national commitment to protect the rights of students to speak up and to speak out.

On Monday, September 18, I will visit schools in Washington, D.C. with the Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacty project. I will be wearing my black armband and talking about the Constitution and democracy in America. And I hope you will be wearing your black armband and talking about our constitutional rights too.

With all best wishes,

Mary Beth Tinker